System 3R

THE SUPERVICE PATENTED VICE solves Setting-up problems for the most frequently occurring sizes of workpiece – small to medium – sized.

Whether the workpiece is square, round, small or large, thin or high, you will find a solution in the System 3R product range. A product program which upgrades the versatility of your machine and minimises setting-up Times.

The new HP versions are tailor-made for the latest generation of machines, with variable and/or high flushing pressure. Vices that hold fast when others lose thier grip. The springback is a minimal and resonance damping is significant. Add this together and you have a very firm grip on production.

Tools & Tooling Kits

System 3R has many tools & tooling kits available for your type of machine.

  • Holders
  • Chuck Adapters
  • Drawbars
  • Adapter Plates
  • Reference Elements
  • Space Plates
  • Check Ruler
  • Screws

Reference systems for electrode manufacture and die-sinking EDM
Reference system for wire EDM machining

Adapter Plates, Tapers

Macro High Performance


Available From The Following Manufacturers:

System 3R USA, Hirschmann, Erowa, Gaiser, Ram, The Addvise Tooling, Herman Schmidt, Walker Magnetic Chucks

Note: We have Tooling For All Wire EDM’s, Sinker EDM’s, Small Hole EDM’s And Other Machines Tools.

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