Introducing the wire technology that combines ultimate high speed with superior accuracy and surface finish. Based off the patented CRACKING® technology, the Hybrid PUMA® has been developed to meet the demands of today’s EDM. This high-performance wire will increase your productivity and optimize your efficiency.

Product Types


Suitable for all machine models

  • Tensile Strength of 900 N/mm2

Puma Zinc Half Hard

  • Tensile strength of 500 N/mm2
Puma EDM Wire
Item Core Material Coating Material Tensile Strenght Elongation Color
Puma CuZn35 Special Alloy 900N/mm2 2% Metalic Gold
Puma Half Hard CuZn35 Special Alloy 500 N/mm2 2% Metalic Gold

*other sizes are available upon request