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Megacut® EDM Wire for all Japanese machines

The high-quality coated megacut® electrodes were especially developed for Japanese EDM machines e.g. Makino, Mitsubishi, Sodick etc.

Product Types

Megacut® Plus

High cutting performance, attractive price

  • Immediate use in standard brass wire technology

  • Very good wire threading with high precision for demanding tasks
  • Significant time and cost savings compared to pure EDM brass

Megacut® Type A

For highest precision

  • Zinc coated precision spark erosion wire

  • Suitable for extra-fine surfaces
  • Excellent cutting results – Particularly for carbide machining

Megacut® Type T

For taper cuts

  • Spark erosion wire particularly suitable for high tapering

  • Limited suitability for automatic threading

Megacut® Type D

For fast EDM mass production

  • Spark erosion wire with high-performance cutting characteristics due to its special coating High thermal and electrical conductivity

  • Particularly effective when operating under poor flushing conditions (tall workpieces, interrupted cuts, staked parts)
Megacut® Plus
Megacut® Type T
Megacut® Type A
Megacut® Type D
Item Core Material Coating Material Tensile Strenght Elongation Color
megacut plus CuZn36 Gamma brass 900 N/mm2
130,000 PSI
1% Yellow Gold
megacut type A CuZn36 Zinc treated 900 N/mm2
130,000 PSI
1% Light Grey
megacut type T CuZn36 Zinc treated 500 N/mm2
72,500 PSI
15% Light Grey
megacut type D CuZn20 CuZn50 800 N/mm2
116,000 PSI
1% Yellow Brown

*Please inquire for spool size and availability