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HB Molybdenum Wire EDM

Powerful & economic electrical discharge machining


Molybdenum Wire EDM, also referred to as “Fast Wire EDM”, is a form of electrical discharge machining especially suited for slicing, cutting, and profiling parts.

In “Fast Wire EDM”, the wire is mounted on a reciprocating drum and can run for 30-50 hours on one drum fill-up, whereas a regular wire EDM uses the brass wire once and discards it, resulting in high operating costs. When the wire engages your part, a small electrical arc is formed and begins to erode the material on your workpiece. As this erodes, the machine continues forward cutting, allowing for a very straight and delicate cut on any conductive material regardless of its hardness.


Work Table: All HB Series machine feature user friendly large open work space with drop down 3 sided splash guard.

Wire Drum: Precision wire spooling drum feeds wire back and forth at over 30 feet per second.

Work Tanks: Fluid tank is located tightly along the side of the machine to save on floor space. Easily rolls out for quick maintenance and fluid changes.

Heads: Wire guide system is robust, yet simple. The small number of parts means minimal maintenance.


  • Economic: Fast Wire Molybdenum EDM gives users the power of EDM at a operating cost not commonly found in the USA. These powerful machines run for approximately $1.00-$2.00 per hour with all parts, consumables, and electricity accounted for!
  • Powerful: Tight corners, tall cutting, thin cutting, poor flushing conditions and hardened material can all be tackled without constant delays of wire breaks or slow cutting. Molybdenum EDM is perfect for the work where brass EDM’s fall short. Molybdenum wire has nearly double the tensile strength and 3x higher melting point than brass. They also do not rely on high pressure water for flushing, making difficult cuts a breeze!
  • Exclusive Designs: The HB series isn’t just another low cost, low quality moly wire EDM. This machine was built from the ground up to reinvent what is possible with fast wire EDM. Fully casted, robust machine structure using Meehanite Castings. Mitsubishi drives and motors paired to Rexroth/Bosch ball screws and ways result in unparalleled accuracy and reliability not found in other fast wire EDM’s today. Machine table layouts and sizes to match USA industry standards found on brass EDM’s.
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Application Examples

Metal Additive Build Plate Cut Offs

Example: 0 wire breaks
Cut Time: 44minutes

Outside Profile Work

Example: Teeth in Medical Part
Cut Time: 48minutes; Rough + 3 Skims

Affordable Fixtures & Precision Tooling

Example: Pinch Fixture
+/- .001 Finish Accuracy
Cut Time: 2 Hours

Fast Part Cut Off For Inspection

Cut Time: 5 minutes Per Cut
Sharp, no burr edges

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