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Dielectric Oils

Reliable EDM Fluids – Premium (Synthetic) Ultra, Premium Plus


    • Consistent Viscosity
    • High dielectric strength
    • Improved finishes
    • Rapid flushing
    • Cleaner Burn
    • Less electrode wear
    • Increased filterability
    • Longer Fluid life
    • Increased production
    • Clean and Clear Appearance


      • High Flash Point
      • No Aromatics
      • No Sulfur
      • No Toxins
      • Does not irritate skin


      • No Foaming
      • Low Evaporation Rate
      • Odorless
EDM Fluids, Oils, Gallon Drums

Rustlick EDM 30, Rustlick EDM 250, Rustlick (Synthetic) EDM 500

      • Reduced chances of fire due to an increased flash point
      • More rapid flushing at point of cut due to lower viscosity
      • Elimination of DC arcing because the high API gravity allows rapid settling of particles
      • Minimal rust on finished workpiece due to superior oxidation inhibitor
      • Environmentally safer to worker’s health as the aromatic and sulfur content are almost undetectable under laboratory conditions
      • No filter clogging from microbial growth
      • Reduces polishing time
      • Bulk quantities available

Iono Plus

    • The only 100% pure synthetic dielectric
    • Faster finishing rates
    • Reduces electrode wear
    • Environmentally safe
    • Eliminates DC arcing and dead zones

We Have Available 55 Gallon Drums, 30 Gallon Drums, 5 Gallon Pails, 330 Gallon Totes And Tanker Deliveries.

NOTE: If Your Brand Is Not Shown We Have Many Other Manufacturers/Brands Available Upon Request.

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