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The low vaporization temperature of the zinc coating enables the wire to have a cooling effect. The porous nature of the Checkered Flag® coated wire provides an increased surface area in contact with the cutting fluid. This allows for a faster cutting speed compared to other coated wires.

Product Types

Checkered Flag® Zinc Coated

Fast, accurate signature brand zinc coated wire

  • Machining speed 10%-20% faster than a conventional coated brass

  • Improved machining accuracy, surface roughness and auto threading
  • Reduced tendency of wire breakage and copper deposit
Checkered Flag® Zinc Coated EDM Wire
Item Core Material Coating Material Tensile Strenght Elongation Color
Checkered Flag®
Zinc Coated
CuZn35 Zn Alloy 900 N/mm2
130,000 PSI
<2% Bright Silver
Checkered Flag®
Zinc Coated
CuZn35 paraffin-free 500 N/mm2
70,000 PSI
<2% Bright Silver

*Please inquire for spool size and availability